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The 10 Best Selling Pimpled Rubbers of 2016 at!

27 February 2017  | Posted in: Table Tennis Equipment

Curious to discover what are the most popular pimpled rubbers at Here's a list of our TOP 10 best-selling pips from 2016 to give you an idea.

Tibhar Grass D.tecs

10. Dr.Neubauer Killer Pro Dr.Neubauer Killer Pro

Our customer Tom says:

"This rubber is very good at disrupting opponent rhythm because it has the traditional short pips effect as well as some long pips effect. It is not so consistent compared to regular short pips but the speed is there too. It's also good for chopping and counter blocking."



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9. Nittaku Moristo SP Nittaku Moristo SP

Our customer Kamarulzaman says:

"Control of this short pips is excellent. The knuckle effect on forehand smash is unbelievable. Doing the top spin is easy. Overall it is a good rubber for an offensive player."



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8. Sauer Tröger Hellfire Sauer Tröger Hellfire

Our customer Will says:

"I have played with many LPs over the years. This one is very good. It reverses a lot of spin and is a great hitting LPs. The combination of those two aspects make it truly unique. The only negative thing about it in my opinion is that it is not a good push blocking rubber."




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7. TSP Curl P-1R TSP Curl P-1R

Our customer Matthew says:

"If you're a chopper these are the best pips by far, but you have to have a good stroke in order to use them. If you have close to professional chopping form then these pips can not be beat. It took me 2 years until I felt comfortable to use these pips. Extremely difficult to use these pips, and only good for a chopper!"



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6. DHS Cloud & Fog 3 DHS Cloud & Fog 3

Our customer Genrel says:

"Well. This rubber is not for defense, that's for sure. It's a bit fast for a LP but its throw is so low and control is difficult to use it as an offensive pips. But once you attack with it, your opponent will find it hard to return your shot. But most of the time you'll end up to the net. So if you're looking for a defensive LP look for the conventional ones and if you're looking for an attacking (hitting) LP I suggest you use Donic Akkadi L2."



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5. Friendship RITC 802-40 Friendship RITC 802-40

Our customer Bryan says:

"My coach advices this rubber after 3-6 months using modern soft vertical pips. Very popular even the pros use it."



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4. Spinlord Dornenglanz II Spinlord Dornenglanz II

Our customer Simon says:

"I've finally found the Holy grail of Ox pimps! After watching the Spinlord video on youtube pairing this rubber with a Sword 309 defensive blade, I just had to try that combination. It gives good reversal, great for chopping at any distance but more importantly, attacking is a breeze! I can loop with it! Give it a try on the Sword blade and I doubt you'll look back. Great value both of them."




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3. Spinlord Dornenglanz Spinlord Dornenglanz

Our customer Ivan says:

"Excellent rubber when you play chop block close to the table, if you loosen your hand, everything goes back to the table. When I added two more layers of glue so it would be like i have a little bit of sponge, chopping behind the table is also good."




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2. Spinlord Keiler Spinlord Keiler

Our customer Joe says:

"I have played with many different short pips and medium pips on my FH. Keiler (I am using 1.8 sponge) plays much like the Chinese 563 yet has a little more grip which makes it more effective in flipping short serves to my FH. On counter drives the bounce is nice and l low. Blocks can be quite funky. Keiler is a good quality rubber and fun to play with."




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1. Tibhar Grass D.TecS Tibhar Grass D.TecS

Our customer Douglas says:

"I've been using long pips for many years now, and I don't think I have ever seen a long pips with friction that is more difficult for my opponents to play with. Plays similar to Giant Dragon Talon, but a little faster and definitely more tricky for opponents. If you like a long pip that is grippy, where you can manipulate the amount and type of spin you are putting on the ball, this is for you. It's definitely not for a first time long pips player. For that, I'd recommend something with much more control. And I would personally only pair it with a blade that is All- or slower. I used to play an Off- blade with it and it was far too fast. You will get the most pips effect with no sponge. With the Donic Defplay Senso I am able to block, chop-block, punch block, chop, and hit very effectively. The amount of grip on the pips makes lifting against backspin very effective. Getting the right touch against fast dead balls is most difficult, but that's true for most long pips. Overall, this is a really great rubber!"



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It's worth mentioning that Tibhar Grass D.tecs absolutely crushed the competition. It sold over 3 times as much as Spinlord Keiler, the next best selling rubber on this list.