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The 10 Best Selling Table Tennis Blades of 2016 at!

30 January 2017  | Posted in: Table Tennis Equipment

Looking for a new blade? Here's a list of the TOP 10 best-selling blades on from 2016 to give you some ideas.

 Top 3 Best Selling Blades of 2016

10. DHS Hurricane Long 5 DHS Hurricane Long 5

Our customer Minh says:

"This blade is very good for looping and strong topspin. I did not feel heavy like others said. The handle is a little bit small."




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9. Donic Defplay Senso V3 Donic Defplay Senso V3

Our customer Douglas says:

"This is my first time using a defensive blade, and I absolutely love it! What I was looking for was a setup for a 'modern defender', and this was just right. It has a very good feel, and I can block and counter hit well with it, while also keeping the ability to win points off of forehand hits and attacks with my long pips. I can already feel that both my defense and offense are improved, and for the price, you can't beat the quality of the blade. I highly recommend this blade for anyone looking to both defend and attack."



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8. Yasaka Sweden Extra Yasaka Sweden Extra

Our customer Nicholas says:

"The Yasaka Sweden Extra has a beautiful feel, well-balanced flex and a massive range of strokes. As an all-round player, it is essential to be able to hit fast loops, slow loops, blocks, and chops all from the near table as well as from far back - and the Extra provides all of that with no fault. As an RPB player, I tend to prefer using flared shakehand blades, because the extra leverage in the handle provides a more explosive contact - would recommend this blade in its shakehand form to both penholders and shakehanders equally."




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7. Tibhar Stratus Power Wood Tibhar Stratus Power Wood

Our customer Ryan says:

"Can't believe how nice this blade is for the price. Fit and finish are outstanding. Edges all sanded from the factory. FL handle is a very comfortable size and shape. Blade feel very solid, is pretty fast, but still very manageable, even for a newer player like myself. Just a great deal from Tibhar and TT11."



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6. Yasaka Sweden Classic old Yasaka Sweden Classic old

Our customer Lyuben says:

"Excellent match for Tenergy 05/80, the softness of the blade helps-dwell time is very long, imparted spin on the ball is huge. Pairing with fast rubbers is fast enough for offensive club play, control is fantastic. Classic blade!"




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5. DHS Power G7 DHS Power G7

Our customer Alvin says:

"Only thing that I don't like about this blade is the thin handle. Overall performance is great. Good for close to mid table play but needs a lot effort during the far away table rally."



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4. Donic Waldner OFF JO Shape Donic Waldner OFF JO Shape

Our customer Martin says:

"Perfect blade between WSC JO Shape (stiffer) and Rosewood XO (more elastic), so I would classify this blade nearly stiff. I use it with Tenergy 05 and T25 FX: Perfect weight of 176g, great spin and speed, controlled touch and passive play, also in countertopspins."



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Top 3 most popular blades of 2016

3. Stiga Eternity VPS V Stiga Eternity VPS V

Our customer David says:

"The blade is light, well balanced for an offensive player. Excellent for control, touch play, looping or loop smash. Speed, spin, and Back hand flip is good. Serving requires practice or technique. Overall definitely recommend it."



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2. Stiga Infinity VPS V Stiga Infinity VPS V

Our customer Roman says:

"Great control, more than adequate speed. Very comfortable handle. Just need to sand it a little and you have a lethal weapon."



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1. Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro Black Edition Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro Black Edition

Our customer Gary says:

"This is most likely one of the best blades with such good quality and reasonable price."



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