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The 10 Best Selling Table Tennis Rubbers of 2016 at!

24 January 2017  | Posted in: Table Tennis Equipment

Last year, sold tens of thousands of rubbers to table tennis fanatics from 129 different countries. Thank you to everyone for your orders! 

Here's a list of our TOP 10 best-selling table tennis rubbers of 2016. Enjoy!

best table tennis rubbers 2016

10. Tibhar Evolution EL-S Tibhar Evolution EL-S

Our customer Roman says:

"Great rubber. Has enough spin and control to play a mixture of styles near the table, but can keep with an offensive game just as well."



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8. DHS Hurricane 8 Mid-Hard DHS Hurricane 8 Mid-Hard

Our customer Andrew says:

"The new DHS Hurricane 8 rubber is Great. I find it to be good on my Backhand. It's fast & has good spin. Also, it's good to flat hit with. Ideal for a person who likes to attack. Looping & chopping with this rubber you can create lots of spin. I have this rubber on 2 different types of blades & find it excellent on both."



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7. Yasaka Rakza 7 Yasaka Rakza 7

Our customer Faizan says:

"I used DHS Tinarc for my FH and this rubber took me to a different level of the game. It's not heavy and now I can loop with much less effort. Great quality and affordable. Thanks."



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6. Tibhar Grass D.TecS Tibhar Grass D.TecS

Our customer Bjarne says:

"I have tried a lot of LP, but find this as the best LP with great control but still with a lot of disruptive effect and good attacking possibilities."



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5. Xiom Vega Europe Xiom Vega Europe

Our customer Ivo says:

"This is one of my favorite rubbers, it can be used with max thickness for speedy FH loops or with 2.0 mm for well-placed BH blocks and control. Price and quality are great."




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4. Donic Baracuda Donic Baracuda

Our customer Jamie says:

"I've tried a lot of rubbers of the past couple years and this is probably the best all around, spinny, stable rubber that I've tried. It has plenty of gears, lasts a long time and it's very well priced. Like everything I've received from, it's shipped fast and well packaged. Great product - great table tennis equipment company!"



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3. Xiom Vega Pro Xiom Vega Pro

Our customer Jie says:

"I bought this rubber and put it on my backhand. It is surprisingly good for its price. Lots of speed and spin, and also the feel is what I want, not too hard and not too soft. I would recommend this rubber to anyone playing with a carbon blade."



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2. DHS Hurricane 3 Neo DHS Hurricane 3 Neo

Our customer Ganesa says:

"Good enough speed, control. Spin is a killer. Serves are very effective. Unlike Chinese rubbers, this is not heavy. You will not regret. Go for it."



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1. Tibhar Evolution MX-P Tibhar Evolution MX-P

Our customer Cesar says:

"Great rubber, I used today for the first time in my forehand. I trained 6 months using Sriver G3 and this was the ultimate upgrade for me as you can imagine. Great grip, speed and spin, needs a good technique to control it. I know you will enjoy this rubber, don't be afraid of using complete body language in your shots and technique. I use this with Tibhar Triple Carbon."



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