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The 10 Best Selling Table Tennis Rubbers of 2015 at

27 January 2016  | Posted in: Table Tennis Equipment

Last year, sold tens of thousands of rubbers to table tennis fanatics from 122 different countries. Thank you to everyone for your orders!

Curious about what the most wanted table tennis rubbers on were in 2015? Check out our top 10 best sellers list below!

best table tennis rubbers in 2015

10. Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft

Our customer Wichasin says:

"Very soft with extremely spin. I'm using that 2.0 mm for both FH and BH. It's so cool."




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9. Yasaka Rakza 7 Yasaka Rakza 7

Our customer Gert-Jan M. says:

"Very good rubber, which I had ordered earlier because it has great grip - much control and good spin. Most important that you can put the ball very exactly where you want."



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8. Tibhar Grass D.TecS Tibhar Grass D.TecS

Our customer Matthew Deane says:

"If you want to put junk on the ball in OX then this is one of the best rubbers on the market for that."



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7. Tibhar Evolution MX-S Tibhar Evolution MX-S

Our customer Christian Marcel Paredes Monsalvez says:

"It is a very good rubber, excellent spin and control, great catapult effect. I am very pleased with their performance."



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6. Xiom Vega Europe Xiom Vega Europe

Our customer Omer Erdogan says:

"For above average players, this is a gem. Great control ok speed. Perfect for blockers and players who like to keep the ball on the table."




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5. Xiom Vega Pro Xiom Vega Pro

Our customer Sonny John Abraham says:

"Absolutely amazing piece of Rubber. Great spin for serves. Truly a tough competitor for the tenergy range."



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4. Donic Baracuda Donic Baracuda

Our customer Jan Bogdan says:

"Very good rubber not so fast but spin is huge, throw angle is high, hard to beat for the money."



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3. Yasaka Rakza X Yasaka Rakza X

Our customer Sarvotham Pai says:

"This is a very good rubber for Intermediate to advanced players. Excellent at loops, flat hits and touch play."



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2. Tibhar Evolution EL-P Tibhar Evolution EL-P

Our customer KWOK WAI SO says:

"Excellent quality and excellent price!"



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1. Tibhar Evolution MX-P Tibhar Evolution MX-P

Our customer Rytis says:

"Tibhar Evolution MX-P rubber is an excellent choice since it's considerably cheaper than Butterfly rubbers but performs as well."



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Is your rubber in the top 10? Which rubber you would like to try in 2016? 

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