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The 10 Best Selling Table Tennis Blades of 2015 at

31 January 2016  | Posted in: Table Tennis Equipment

Looking for a new blade? Here is a list of the top 10 best selling blades on from 2015 to give you some ideas. 

best table tennis blades in 2015

10. Stiga Intensity NCT Stiga Intensity NCT

Our customer Gabor says:

"The blade is fast but consistent. I'm using it with Donic Bluefire M2."




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9. Yasaka Extra Special Ch.Pen Yasaka Extra Special Ch.Pen

Our customer Jerry says:

"Good speed, control, spin."



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8. Yasaka Sweden Extra Ch.Pen Yasaka Sweden Extra Ch.Pen

Our customer Alvin Tso says:

"This a all round blade with good feel. You can really feel the ball as you play the stroke, but it needs a fast rubber to give power to finish the point. Great for practicing your strokes."



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7. Stiga Allround Classic Stiga Allround Classic

Our customer Peter says:

"This blade sold over 1 million since inception in the 60's. Allround Classic - the name spoke for itself. I enjoy to use this paddle because of control and speed. "



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6. Stiga Carbonado 145 Stiga Carbonado 145

Our customer AshwiN says:

"This blade is really out of the world. Exceptional control with no compromise in terms of power. Beautiful high arc produced when combined with a medium/soft rubber. Absolutely huge sweet spot (almost all of the surface area), every time when the ball contacts the bat it produces music for ears."



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5. Tibhar Stratus Power Wood Tibhar Stratus Power Wood

Our customer Ryan Berndt says:

"Can't believe how nice this blade is for the price. Fit and finish are outstanding. Edges all sanded from factory. FL handle is very comfortable size and shape. Blade feel very solid, is pretty fast, but still very manageable, even for a newer player like myself."



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4. Stiga Clipper CR Stiga Clipper CR

Our customer Huy Nguyen says:

"I bought the CR with the WRB handle technology specifically so that the paddle would feel less head heavy. Depending on what rubber you put on, this paddle will have excellent weight distribution."



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3. DHS Hurricane Hao II Ch.Pen DHS Hurricane Hao II Ch.Pen

Our customer B. Won says:

"Good for top spin player in position of front to middle. Makes good spin with power. Have good feeling to hit. One cons for me is a bit heavy weight. Hard to find light one of these."



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2. Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro Black Edition Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro Black Edition

Our customer ITTF2400 says:

"Good blade for all rounders, excellent control, long dwell, medium speed and above average throw angle."



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1. Stiga Infinity VPS V Stiga Infinity VPS V

Our customer Daniel Yi says:

"This is a great blade for looping - somewhat stiff with a med-hard feel. Its sweet spot is HUGE and it has amazing control. The pace I feel is good enough paired with a faster rubber."



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