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XIOM Omega V Pro Video and Written Review

17 November 2014  | Posted in: Table Tennis Equipment, Table Tennis Reviews

xiom omega v pro video and written review

The Xiom Omega V Pro is the latest rubber from the Korean brand to be released and is specifically designed to combat the limitations of the new ball. Our equipment expert Matt Hetherington took to the table with this great new rubber to see how it fared and has prepared a written and video review so you can get all the information you need to see if Xiom Omega V Pro is the rubber you need for your game.

Matt set out to test the Xiom Omega V Pro (max sponge) on his journey to find the best rubbers for the new ball. To keep the testing consistent, he will be using a Stiga Clipper CR for all of his reviews and the DHS 3 Star Plastic Ball as it is very high quality and we have already done significant testing with it in order to research technical adaptations.





1. Big Window Technology

The Omega V Pro has an almost uncanny level of safety for a medium trajectory rubber. The new research Xiom have done has resulted in the introduction of the 'big window' characteristic whereby even in a lower trajectory stroke, the arc maintains a high level of safety over the net. This means in looping, driving and blocking situations, a player can keep the ball low over the net and still achieve good spin and depth. This can bring great advantages to playing with the new ball, especially with the slightly less predictable bounce.

2. Counter-topspin Driving

The medium firmness of the sponge allows for great speed and a medium trajectory. This means you can really drive the ball forward, often with less effort if the technique is efficient. The rubber has a very sharp contact and accelerates with ease, something which will make it easier to execute offensive strokes with the slower ball. It offers high speed but with the big window effect it also maintains a very satisfactory level of control.

3. Loop Against Topspin

This rubber offers a very crisp contact with a slight tackiness to its topsheet. The grip offered by Omega V Pro is definitely a step forward for Xiom's rubber ranges. This rubber combines a tensor topsheet with some tackiness. Combine that with a medium firm sponge and you have a rubber that is able to offer an extraordinary level of range especially on attack. Suitable for producing slower arcing loops and also for immensely powerful attacking strokes, this rubber is very diverse.

4. Loop Against Underspin

There is a great level of comfort in attacking off underspin with this rubber. With correct mechanics the effort required to make attacking strokes is lessened and it seems to maximize the energy transfer into the rubber. The topsheet is grippy and combined with the sponge it is able to react well even with quick explosive strokes. In attacking situations it is difficult to find any faults with this rubber. The topsheet grip allows for heavy topspin and arc, while the firmer sponge will also support the bigger power shots and even flat attacking loops which you would achieve with a rubber like Hurricane III.

5. Blocking and Close-Table Counter

Blocking is one area of the game where Omega V Pro requires some minor adjustments. As the sponge is medium to medium hard, it does not really absorb the ball as well as softer rubbers; also, it is quite fast. This means that you may need to close the angle of your blocking stroke a bit more and drive over the ball a little bit (not a full stroke). In terms of close table countering, the rubber has great speed and with the right timing, it is fully capable of executing close table counterloops against topspin. With the safety window at its optimum, this is something that can be highly valuable in matches.

6. Short Game

Short pushing is a skill which has become much more difficult with the new ball as it is harder to keep the ball contact, especially in the more touchy plays. With slower rubbers and the new ball, a soft touch will often result in the ball going nowhere; however, the speed of the Omega V Pro allows the soft touch for the short push to return to the game. Even with a very short contact on the ball, the firm reactiveness of the sponge under a softer tensor topsheet really helps produce a touch-based short push which holds low to the net and generates some spin. This is vital to maintain in this new era of the game.

7. Flicking and Serve Receive

With quick and explosive generation of speed from the forearm and wrist, there is a lot which can be achieved on serve receive. This is an area which has also become more difficult with the new ball. The Omega V Pro is able to create good variation in the flicking game for fast-paced receives or well-placed spinny flicks. With the right adjustments, it doesn't take long to get a strong grasp on top level execution. The rubber also holds well for long pushing, is able to create good depth, a decent amount of spin and low to the net.

8. Service

Firm sponges with tacky topsheets are renowned for their ability to produce high levels of spin and this rubber is no different. Ability to generate a good level of spin on service whilst controlling the length and height of the serve is vital and Omega V Pro rates highly in being able to achieve this. Once again it is hard to find many faults with this rubber which can combine a high level of service with a devastating follow-up attack.

9. Conclusion

Xiom have done a lot of things right with this rubber and have really done their absolute best to address all of the restrictions of the new ball (compared to the celluloid ball). This rubber is a step up in spin and speed and really has a fascinating ability to offer a very wide range of attacking levels and variations in pace and spin. With the 'big window' effect it also creates the ability to play lower trajectory strokes and still keep an optimum level of safety over the net height. Effective spin on serve and tight in short games, this is definitely a great rubber to try for offensive players who are struggling to achieve the power and spin they want with the plastic ball. A superb rubber from Xiom and a step in the right direction for future developments from them to combat the slower ball.





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