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Never Turn Down the Chance to Try New Table Tennis Equipment

12 August 2015  | Posted in: Table Tennis Equipment, Table Tennis Tips

On some occasions, perhaps friends or other players may ask you if you want to try their equipment. Sometimes we can feel like we are very happy with what we are using and turn down a great opportunity.

Always try new table tennis equipment

What you can gain from trying new equipment

  • Learn the general characteristics of the equipment, how it plays and it reinforces in your mind what you are looking for in your equipment for your own game (and also what you don't want).
  • Can offer advice and feedback to other players and friends who ask about this equipment.
  • You now don't have to buy it in order to find out whether you want it or not. You can narrow down (if you are looking) the search for the ideal equipment for your game.

You might see a review, like our review of the Stiga Airoc M and think it would be worth trying. The only way you will know if it is suitable for you is to try it with your own hands and feel it out.

Even with the best setup, try more!

Donic Waldner Senso CarbonMany players are constantly hunting for improvements to their equipment and lack certain knowledge to help them along the path. It comes from experience and trial and error.

In 2005 our expert, Matt, bought a new carbon blade, he used that blade for 5 years without trying any other blade! It wasn't until he tried something else that he realised the blade he was using was not right for him at all. It was upon that time he stumbled upon the Donic Waldner Senso Carbon blade. Now he has used that blade for some time now, but he never turns down the chance to try other equipment. He gains knowledge of equipment, ensures that what he is using is still the best combination for him, and if he discovers something he likes more then he can make changes.

Sometimes trying your friend's racket can be the best thing you have ever done, do you agree with this?

What have you learnt from testing your friends or other players equipment?