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The Top 10 Blades of 2020!

11 May 2021  | Posted in: Table Tennis Equipment

     When it comes to top ten lists, we can’t interpret things too straightforwardly. It’s not ordinary chart, and a lot of things are to be considered to interpret its results. There are so many factors that come into play. For instance, the price difference. It obviously plays a big role. Naturally, inexpensive blades are bought more often than expensive ones. There is also some internal competition to consider. Quite often, similar blades from the same brand compete with each other. For example, the Stiga Clipper family. There is the Clipper Wood, the Clipper WRB, the Clipper CR, and the anniversary edition Clipper 40. They are actually all the same blade. Separately, each of these blades failed to make the top 10, but put the sales together and they would definitely be on this list. There are a lot of more small details. For instance, carbon blades are not considered separately and so on. Nevertheless, we hope you find this list informative and interesting, and who knows, maybe it could help you make your own choice... 

This blade dropped from number 7 in 2019. 

This blade was in 3rd place in 2019, and has been popular for a long time, so this drop is kind of surprising. 

So far, the blades on this list are blades that have dropped from higher positions on this same list. This one was number 4 in 2019. 

This blade is the first newcomer to the list. 

This next newcomer, though always pretty popular, never managed to make top 10 until 2020.  

This pick has held a rock-solid position in the top 5 for 3 years running, even having been in 4th place in 2017. 

This blade was number 6 in 2019 and sat next to its brother (at number 7), the Ma lin Soft Carbon. Now it stands alone and slightly higher in rank.  

Previously at number 9, this blade is only the second blade on this list to have increased in popularity since the 2019 list. 

This blade has been extremely popular for a very long time. It was number 2 on the 2019 list, has been top 5 since 2017, and top 10 since 2015. 

This blade has been top 3 since 2017 and number 1 for two years running. 


     There are quite a few changes to note here. First are the blades that are missing when compared to the 2019 list. These are the Tibhar Stratus Power Wood and the Nittaku Acoustic. They were replaced by the Stiga Allround Evolution and the Nittaku Basaltec Inner.  

    More than half of these blades cost between 40 and 72 euro. The three blades with the biggest price differences are the Yasaka Sweden Extra, at 30.90 euro, and the Nittaku Acoustic Carbon and the Nittaku Basaltec Inner, at the 182.60 and 250 respectively. 

     Anyway, expensive or cheap, more or less popular, with or without carbon, this is the choice we all have to make every day, and it’s not only about table tennis. From our side we will publish more charts regarding bestselling rubbers, pimples, penhold blades, and other information which may help make your life just a bit easier. Just stay tuned on our blog!