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Top 10 Rubbers of 2021

16 March 2022  | Posted in: Table Tennis Equipment

      We are finally publishing the Top 10 rubbers of 2021! It might be interesting for those who are looking into the ‘’do-no-wrong'’ options in terms of which rubber to buy. This list sheds some lights on the changing of trends (or lack thereof). For instance, for the first time ever, we have two short pips rubbers in top 10 bestsellers. Does this mean a new trend or are they here to stay? Should we expect more top players using short pips rubber? We hope to find out in the nearest future. There are some famous rubbers that you won’t see on this list, having quit after a long time being among the top dogs. These are the Tibhar Grass D.TecS, an all-time bestseller now in 17th place and the Donic Baracuda. 


No surprise here. The G-1 moved from 2nd to 1st in 2019 and has been numero uno ever since. 

Similar story here. The MX-P moved from 1st second in 2019 and has been number 2 ever since. 

The C-1 first appeared on the list in 2020, when it was in 4th place. It’s not likely to climb any higher, but 3rd is not too shabby. 

This doesn’t happen often. The MX-D is BRAND NEW and it went straight to 4th in 2021. Impressive! 

The Rakza 7 lost its 3rd place position last year, a position it had held for 3 years in a row. Only time can determine its fate.  

The Moristo SP is famously the first short pimple rubber to grace this list.  

The Vega Pro has been in the bottom five for quite a while now. 

The only surprise here is that this legendary rubber isn’t any higher. 

The Vega Europe has not been on this list since 2018. 

For the first time ever, there are now TWO short pimple rubbers in the top 10 rubbers list!!