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Top 10 Blades of 2021

31 January 2022  | Posted in: Table Tennis Equipment

     The annual, always long-awaited, top 10 bestselling blades bog post! We have, pretty much, the same brand representation as always. Some of the blades might surprise you, others definitely will not. Enjoy! 


     Talk about brand representation in our Top 10 bestselling blades! Like all previous years, the absolute leader is, again, Yasaka! This Japanese brand has an overwhelming edge because of their proven quality and affordable, Swedish-made blades, the Ma Lin Extra Offensive, the Sweden Extra, the Ma Lin Carbon, and the Ma Lin Soft Carbon.They had a great result last year with four blades on the Top 10 being theirs. Another Japanese brand whose blades are produced in Europe (Germany, in this case), Nittaku, supplied two more of the Top 10, two high-quality, expensive carbon blades, the Basaltec Outer and the Basaltec Inner. Also, the same result from Stiga with two blades. These blades are famous for blades made in Sweden, the Allround Classic and the Clipper. The two other blades are from German brand Tibhar, with the Samsonov Force Pro Black Edition, and the Chinese brand, DHS, with the Hurricane 301. Both are made in China. 

     As always, we feel the need to mention that this ranking does not take into consideration the price, and that, just like last year, the low-costers are competing with high-price products. The scales definitely favor the lower priced blades, however, as 8 out of the 10 blades cost between 32.90 and 79.90 euro, the Yasaka Sweden Extra and the DHS Hurricane 301 respectively. The most expensive blades of the bunch are the Nittaku Basaltec Outer and Inner at 269.90 euro.  

     2021 brought us some changes to the list. First are the blades that are missing when compared to the 2020 list. These are the Nittaku Acoustic Carbon, the Stiga Allround Evolution, and the Stiga Infinity VPS V (which was in 1st place in 2018). They were replaced by the Nittaku Basaltec Outer, the DHS Hurricane 301, and the Stiga Clipper. 

    1. The Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive is numero uno the third year in a row and has been in the top 3 since 2017. Impressive!  A great result from a great blade.

    2. Moving up from 6th place in 2020 is the Nittaku Basaltec Inner. This is quite a surprise, considering the price of this blade. 

    3. The Yasaka Sweden Extra has pretty much been living on this list for nearly as long as Tabletennis11 has existed.

    4. The Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon hasn't budged since 2020, sitting happy at 4th place.

    5. The Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro Black Edition stood high in 1st place in 2017, 2nd place in 2018, and 3rd place in 2019,but fell all the way down to the 9th place in 2020. Now it's climbing its way back to the top.

    6. The Stiga Allround Classic has lost its "rock-solid position" in the top 5 this time around. But still, it was been in the top 5 for 3 years in a row and even now is hugging that 5th position like it owns it.

    7. The Stiga Clipper is an all-time bestseller and in 2021, it again experienced a rise popularity.

    8. Debuting in the Top 10s in 2021 is the DHS Hurricane 301.

    9. The Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon first got on this list in 2019, when it held 6th. 2020 bumped it down to 10th.Now it's in 9th. That's commendable in our book.

   10. The Nittaku Basaltec Outer peeked in on the Top 10 back in 2018, when it also held 10th place. Now it's back. Lets just acknowledge that any blade that is on this list or anywhere near it is really good and deserves consideration.  

     Hopefully, this could be some kind of help to you if are you looking for something popular and up to date, and most importantly, able to keep up with the time. If not, we hope you at least found it interesting what is popular on our site.