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Top 5 Blades You Want Right Now!

23 September 2014  | Posted in: Table Tennis Equipment

Remember our blade giveaway in various table tennis forums? You had to pick your dream blade from our shop to have a chance to win it.
After analyzing all 500 entries we created a list of the top 5 blades you want right now! ;)

1. DHS Hurricane Long 5  | Chosen by 61

dhs hurricane long 5The weapon of choice of one of this generation's most popular and infamous table tennis players, Ma Long. One of the fastest carbon blades composed of two different synthetic fibers packed in between two layers of wood. It's a heavy weapon of choice but effective in any high-speed situation.


2. Stiga Emerald VPS V  | Chosen by 54

stiga emerald vps vAn item of intrigue originally released as limited edition and showcasing vibrant green veneers on the handle. Equipped with 'diamond touch' technology, this blade has been subject to temperature treatment on the core layers and an additional process to harden the outer layers. A 5-ply with a fantastic balance of offense and control, the ultimate VPS from Stiga.

Our customer Arif Wicaksono says:
"This is a beautiful blade. Excellent built quality from Stiga and I like the embossed logo."

3. Nittaku BARWELL FLEET  | Chosen by 26

nittaku barwell fleet bladeA unique combination of walnut wood, glass fiber and a handful of other wood layers. This blade is composed of an immense 9 plies
of material and offers a fantastic level of consistency and control with an ability to produce high levels of topspin and good speed. Also offers a great feel with glass fibers reducing the vibration in the blade.

Our customer Aleksandrs says:
"The best blade i ever had! A bit faster than the BTY Primorac EX, but it has such a beautifull feel! Also the quality is superb. It's a really topspin Monster!"

4. Nittaku VIOLIN  | Chosen by 25

Nittaku Violin bladeOften labeled a crafted masterpiece and a delicate instrument of choice, the violin is a superbly constructed blade for combining a strong level of speed and spin with an incredible amount of feeling. The composition of the blade allows a high level of flexibility to master many gears in the game.

Our customer Mika Kontola says:
"This is a good blade i'm using tenergy 64 on both sides and it works very well."


5. Stiga Rosewood NCT V  | Chosen by 17

stiga rosewood nct vThe Rosewood NCT V and Stiga Rosewood NCT VII are excellently crafted blades, both with great touch capabilities from their high-quality rosewood material composition. Both well suited to the attacking player, the NCT V is a 5- ply with great speed and spin capabilities while the Stiga Rosewood NCT VII adds another 2 plies of wood to achieve added stiffness and speed for the all-out offensive player.

Our customer Engin Acar says:
"This is a very sensitive and good-look blade. When you took the handle, just feel the quality in your hand. Sounds and feels good...I think i will use this blade for many years..."

Have you played with any of thus blades?
Share your opinion in the comments section below.