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The 10 Best Selling Table Tennis Blades of 2018 at!

04 March 2019  | Posted in: Table Tennis Equipment

Looking for a new blade? Here's a list of the TOP 10 best selling blades on from 2018 to give you some ideas.

10. Nittaku Basaltec Outer Nittaku Basaltec Outer

Breaking into the list for the first time is the Nittaku Basaltec Outer. This premium product is known for its high dwell time and its basalt fiber layers that give it great speed both far close to the table.



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9. Stiga Clipper CR Stiga Clipper CR

At number 9 is the Clipper CR. The CR version of the Clipper utilizes a UV-finishing technique on the outer layer. This increases speed which helps tremendously when dealing with the slower plastic ball. Used by players like Gao Ning and several Chinese national team members in the past, this blade has been proven and still stands the test of time to this day. Just like the original Clipper, this version is especially suited for fast players who are trying to put the ball away quickly.



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8. DHS Hurricane Long 5 DHS Hurricane Long 5

It's no suprise that this blade has made the list. This offensive machine is one of the best that DHS has to offer. Used by multiple professional players, the Hurricane Long 5 competes with other ALC blades from other brands to the point that many believe that this blade exceeds them.




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7. DHS Power G7 DHS Power G7

The DHS PG7, appropriately at number 7, is one of the best values available in table tennis. Don't let our great price fool you. This blade is comparable to many allwood blades in the 100-200 euro/dollar range. Known for its reliable speed from both close and mid distance, it is an excellent choice for almost any offensive player.



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6. Tibhar Stratus Power Wood Tibhar Stratus Power Wood

Going up to number 6 is the Tibhar Stratus Powerwood. There are few blades as consistent and reliable as this one. This balanced blade is capable of executing all strokes to a very high degree. Whether it be a long distance chop to save the ball or a fast drive close to the table to finish the point, the Tibhar Stratus Power Wood helps to make sure the ball lands on the other side of the table with quality.



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5. Stiga Allround Classic Stiga Allround Classic

The Stiga Allround Classic, just as its name implies, is a truly classic blade. The popular blade is considered by many to be among the most balanced blades in existence and often thought to be THE allround blade. A sensible choice for all levels, it's hard to compete with the control this blade has to offer. Strokes of all kinds can be executed with precision and quality. The Allround Classic allows you to take command of the ball and do exactly what you want with it. Whether it be a high arc spinny loop or that perfect down the line block, with the Stiga Allround Classic, YOU are the one in control.



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4. Yasaka Sweden Extra Yasaka Sweden Extra

At number 4 is the Yasaka Sweden Extra. This blade has made the top 5 for good reason. If you are looking for a blade with gears, this is the blade to pick. Trying to block back your opponents heavy loop with perfect placement? The Sweden Extra is the way to go. Trying to loop the ball with heavy spin and solid speed that kicks off the table? Well, the Sweden Extra has got you covered there too! This blade has been chosen by countless players throughout the years. Will you be among them?




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3. Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive

The Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive. The legendary blade made famous by Ma Lin himself has finally made it into this year's top 10 list! This blade has all of its attributes in all of the right places. With perfect touch in the short game, killer power for driving fast balls, and loads of control and spin when counterlooping away from the table, the Ma Lin Extra Offensive will unleash the offensive player in you, just like it did with Ma Lin.




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2. Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro Black Edition Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro Black Edition

Coming in at number 2 is the Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro Black Edition, has everything you could ask for in an all wood offensive blade and even more. The limitless performance of this blade is spread equally between looping, hitting, and blocking to ensure the balanced quality of all your strokes. Despite being a “Force” to be reckoned with, its touch and feeling for the short game is top notch, helping you to achieve consistency in taking control of a rally. This blade has been tested extensively by Samsonov himself. See why he and thousands of players believe this blade is the right choice for you!



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1. Stiga Infinity VPS V Stiga Infinity VPS V

Finally moving into the top spot is Stiga's Infinity VPS V. Using some of the most advanced techniques and technology in modern blade creation, Stiga has created a true winner here. With input from the Chinese national team, the Infinity VPS V has been created to have previously unseen levels of control with a lot of venom to hit powerful balls to win the point. This blade uses a unique combination of 5 all wood plies but with diamond touch technology to harden the outer plies, boosting its speed without sacrificing control. Try the Stiga Infinity VPS V and you will be surprised at what you are capable of!



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