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The Top 10 Rubbers of 2019

20 March 2020  | Posted in: Table Tennis Equipment

     It’s finally time for the long-awaited list of the top 10 rubbers of 2019. Most of the rubbers on this list have been regulars for a while, but a few newcomers have fought their way up and deserve their place in the top 10.  

     In the number 10 position, previously occupied by thNittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Orange, which now is in 19th place, is the Tibhar Grass D.TecS. This rubber is the only long pimple rubber that is so successful that it can compete with standard inverted rubbers and has been doing just that for several years in a row now. The drop from 7th place is not a mark of it becoming outdated but more a testament to the extreme popularity of the rubbers on this list. 

     The first newcomer on this list is not really a newcomer at all. The Donic Baracuda has been on the market for 10 years and was number 5 in 2017 and, after a yearlong hiatus, has made a comeback to the top 10s. It has kept its popularity with the pros even though Donic has been releasing new rubbers of new materials and with new technologies. The secret is its well-balanced hardness and good grip, which are ideal for high-level players. 

     The Xiom Vega Pro has been decreasing in popularity slightly, having fallen from its previous position at the number 5 spot. 

     Another newcomer is the Nittaku Moristo SP, the first short pips rubber to ever make it to the top 10s. 

     Many rubbers will come and go, but the Tibhar Evolution MX-P 50 might just keep its place on this list for years to come. 

     The Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft was knocked down from 4th place by the DHS Hurricane 3 Neo, but remains, standing tall, in the top 5 rubbers of 2019. 

     The DHS Hurricane 3 Neo made the biggest leap forward in popularity last year out of any of the rubbers on the list, up from 9th place. 

     The Yasaka Rakza 7 has been the number 3 rubber for two years running. The Rakza 7 and the Rakza 7 Soft are the only twin rubbers to enjoy this level of success and popularity. 

    The previous reigning champ, the Tibhar Evolution MX-P, has fallen to 2nd, mainly due to the launch of its harder version, the MX-P 50. 

     The two top spots essentially switched places since 2018. The gap between the Nittaku Fastarc G-1 and the Tibhar Evolution MX-P has been closing year by year, and the G-1 finally overtook the MX-P in 2019 and became the king of the year.