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Table Tennis Lottery: Winners Draw!

14 June 2016  | Posted in: News

Thanks to everyone who tried their luck at the Table Tennis Lottery organized by! We had 3000+ participants in total!

Since our lottery became more popular than we expected then we decided that in addition to the main prize (2 rubbers and 1 blade with free shipping) we also give away 5 table tennis rubbers with free shipping. So there will be 6 winners in total! :) 

table tennis lottery winners draw

The Winners Draw 

  • Every participant has an unique identity (ID) code.
  • ID codes were shuffled and added to this public  Google Spreadsheet.
  • Participants with 1 lottery token were represented with 1 ID code in the list and participants with 3 lottery tokens were represented with 3 ID codes. 
  • We asked our Facebook followers to write random numbers between 1 and 4782. See post here.  
  • We took first 3 numbers and last 3 numbers that were posted by our Facebook followers. 
  • We matched the random 6 numbers with row numbers in our participants list.
  • First 5 numbers were the rubbers winners. The 6th number was the main prize winner! 

Random numbers provided by our Facebook followers were: 

13, 99, 11 and 1453, 1708, 88

Video of the Winners Draw! 


The Main Prize - Two Rubbers and One Blade Winner!

The winner is John Batista from Brazil! 

5 Table Tennis Rubbers Winners!

  1. Efkan Evkuran from Turkey
  2. Varun Kanwatia from India
  3. Themistoklis Kritikos from Greece
  4. Wukang Liu from China
  5. Muhammad Sohaib Imran from Pakistan

Congratulations to the winners! We will contact you about your prize shortly! Thank you everyone for your participation! :) 

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