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10 Table Tennis Gifts For The Happiest Christmas Yet!

25 November 2014  | Posted in: Fun & Inspiration

Buying Christmas gifts can be a tough task for the best of us, so we have devised 10 great ideas for table tennis gifts for your friends and family. We have packed in top quality products and variety so you can decide on gifts all the way down to stocking fillers. Make this Christmas the best one yet!

xiom v-tube shoes

1. Xiom V-Tube Shoes

Want to give your friend something colorful and attractive for the new season? Go with Xiom's latest table tennis footwear: The V-Tube shoes. With colors that really attract attention when your buddy is playing some seriously good table tennis!



VINQUI Coiling Dragon Pendant

2. Vinqui Coiling Dragon Pendant

Let your friend head out to the table in style with the best accessories available. The Coiling Dragon Pendant from Vinqui is a great gift with Sapphire, Emerald or Pink Ruby options set on 925 Silver and Onyx.





dhs 3 star plastic balls

3. DHS 3 Star Plastic Balls

The new plastic generation has arrived on the international stage and you don't want your friend to get left behind! Already being used in international competitions, the DHS poly balls have a fantastic reputation. Perfect for filling stockings!

Our customer Dmitriy Ustinov said:
"Today we had the new plastic ball DHS 40 + (***) at our training. It was the first contact with the new ball. Overall impression: Very nice and smooth with a nice tight ball rebound. Upon impact, the sound is pleasant on the table, no "glass sound" like with the first plastic balls. Wear resistance of the ball is not known yet, time will show.  Our verdict on the new plastic ball DHS (on a scale of 1-10 points): Hardness = 8.5; Roundness = 10.0; Speed = 8.8; Durability = 8.0; Consistency = 10.0; Size = 40 mm; Stars = 3-Star!"



nittaku porose case

4. Nittaku Porose Case

A simple gift with an important purpose. With a Nittaku Porose bat case your friend's table tennis equipment will be well protected and maintained. The case has a nice design and a hard outer layer for extra care.




yasaka towel ocean

5. Yasaka Ocean Towel

Whether it is to wipe the sweat of victory or to hide the tears of defeat, a towel is a necessary item for any sporting star during the ups and downs of a competition. An ideal small gift for a tough competitor!



nittaku barwell fleet

6. Nittaku Barwell Fleet

One of the more popular demands in our recent blade competition. A finely crafted instrument for optimal balance of pace and feeling. As a really thoughtful gift, this is the perfect surprise for any equipment guru.



xiom omega v pro

7. Xiom Omega V Pro

It's the recently reviewed and proven weapon against the new ball. Give your friend the opportunity to start the new season with an advantage against all opponents with this highly variable and powerful rubber from Xiom!

Our customer Tammam HajjChehade reviewed:
"I received the rubber yesterday night, and I tried it for some games, it is the best BH rubber I have ever used. High dwell time, very good top spin, very good in defense, it reverts the ball back almost above and near the net. Despite it being a rather slow rubber, it's a very good one for near to mid-distance from the table."


dhs hurricane long 5

8. DHS Hurricane Long V

For any fan of China and Ma Long, this is the ultimate blade. Help your friend one step closer to playing like the hero by matching his equipment. The Long V is an incredibly popular blade of superb composition to give anyone the equipment qualities they need to play like the Chinese star.



yasaka rakza 7 soft

9. Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft

The most popular rubber in our online store in 2014. Perfect for generating spin and fast driving the ball with good spin for service and tight play. With a soft sponge to maximize dwell time, this rubber creates superb contact on the ball. No wonder it's so popular!

Our customer Shoyeb Memon said:
"I started using this rubber and got on with it immediately. My forehand is weaker than my backhand, so I needed something with good speed but excellent control. This is it!"

xiom table tennis socks

10. Table Tennis Socks

Who doesn't like a few pairs of great looking and comfortable table tennis socks? ;)




NB! We suggest to order Christmas gifts before the 12/12/2014 if the parcel goes to the European Union and 5/12/2014 if the parcel goes outside of the European Union (e.g. United States, Hong Kong). 

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