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Does Blade Weight Impact Performance?

09 May 2015  | Posted in: Table Tennis Tips


Some players could be called particular for weighing their blades, but there is plenty of logic behind it. Blade weights are known to have slight variations, some even larger so. Our equipment expert Matt Hetherington stumbled across the perfect example just last week when trying out a couple of defensive blades. He noticed that one was clearly over 100 grams and felt heavy in his hand, while another was probably a good 10 grams lighter.

So what difference can 10 grams make? Well quite a lot. The heavy blade was probably well within it's 'defensive' rated category and the extra weight made the blade more sluggish when attacking, but allowed the defensive and chopping strokes to accelerate into the ball more, because there was more weight behind the paddle.

The lighter of the blades, exactly the same blade but around 10 grams lighter, felt more like an OFF-, it had great control but certainly didnt really feel like a defensive blade so much. Where the heavier blade would have been better for playing off the table, the lighter blade was certainly much more useful for playing a bit more offensively and closer to the table.

Blade weight is important

Well, weight is quite a factor in the characteristics of blades and can have a significant effect on the speed, control and the feel which a player can develop for a certain type of blade.

The two blades, even though they were the same brand, type and composition, felt very different because of the weight difference. They were the same size and shape, and made of the same wood, yet sometimes there are minor discrepencies in density of the wood. Over time you can develop a preference for a certain weight of blade or build up a level of feeling with one type of blade which you have become loyal to. For that reason, you should pay more attention to the weight of your blade and try and remain consistent.

Players who have used the same type of blade for a number of years are more likely to find a similar weighing blade easier to adjust to once they purchase a new one, than one which has a weight difference.

Thankfully here at our customers come first and we are happy to try and accommodate blade customers who require an approximate weight of blade if we are able to. Just make a request with your order for a preferred weight and we will do our best to get you what you need.

So next time you see somebody weighing their blade and think they are being picky, remember, it's actually a smart thing to do for some players! :)