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6 Ways to Save Money on

26 February 2015  | Posted in: Table Tennis Tips, News

Hey again table tennis warriors!

We know that table tennis people are crazy for all kinds of promotions and discounts. Therefore, our internet marketing manager Annes has written an overview on how to save money in Let’s get started!

how to save money in tabletennis11

1. Weekly Specials

Our weekly specials are definitely something worth keeping an eye on. Every Monday we randomly choose 24 blades, 16 rubbers, 12 accessories and 8 bags that are going to be discounted up to 25%. The offers remain valid only for the next 7 days. Discounts are given randomly, so you can really find anything in there!

Are you lucky enough to have your favorite gear in this week's specials? Check it out!



Don’t worry if your most wanted item wasn’t there this time. New specials will be chosen already next Monday!

2. Volume Discounts Up To 30%* On Rubbers, Blades and Rackets

*In European Union volume discounts up to 25%

It is really quite simple – the more you order, the more you save. 

In the European Union:
Order for more than €50, save 5%.
Order for more than €100, save 10%.
Order for more than €150, save 15%.
Order for more than €200, save 20%.
Order for more than €300, save 25%

The rest of the world:
Order for more than €50, save 5%.
Order for more than €100, save 10%.
Order for more than €150, save 15%.
Order for more than €200, save 20%.
Order for more than €300, save 30%.

NB! Discounts are valid for rubbers, blades and rackets only. The items from the special offers section are not discountable.

3. Newsletter Subscribers Only Promotions

Our newsletter has over 12,000 wonderful subscribers! Every now and then we like to surprise them with a special offer that only they can see. Outsiders will know nothing about these discounts. :)

For example, the insiders have enjoyed a hidden 25% discount for all Joola rubbers, or a 30% discount for Donic Bluefire and Yasaka Rakza 7 rubbers. And we might have something else up our sleeves. ;)

Subscribing to our newsletter is clearly a good idea. Sign up now!

4. Clearance Sales

For those of you who are looking for unbelievable deals, I suggest checking out our clearance sales. Products listed in that section have extremely attractive discounts, as this is their final sale. Of course, all products are new and unused. The clearance page will remain open for as long as we have products to clear out. So be quick to purchase or someone else might beat you to it!



5. Utilize the Free Worldwide Shipping

We at are happy to cover the shipping fees for our customers. If you order for more than €70 ($80), you will not have to worry about shipping prices. Should your order be under that, a shipping fee of €7.5 ($9) applies.

6. Hidden Special Offers

It is always a great idea to visit our website for valuable information and great products, but there might be a little extra bonus involved. Not all of our special offers are listed in the Weekly Specials or the Clearance Sales sections. You just have to keep browsing our site and the chances of you spotting a hidden special offer are quite good. :)


That’s it! I hope you found this overview useful and I encourage you to make the most of our special offers and discounts.

Enjoy shopping in the powerhouse of table tennis equipment!
Annes Alex Org, the internet marketing manager at