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Review: The Victas Curl 'P' Series Rubbers

18 August 2023  | Posted in: Table Tennis Reviews

Review and Comparison of the Curl ''P'' Series of Rubbers

Victas Curl P1

     A standard long pimple that creates lots of reversal when chopping although it is moderately unforgiving. This rubber is quite effective far from the table, but lacks quality for the close table game (it is not too hard for the opponent to push the chops since the underspin is not so dangerous). Pushing is very difficult to control as the ball usually pops up because of the pimple surface not being very grippy, and this rubber doesn't produce underspin when pushing underspin like Victas Curl P3a. For chop blocking, it is too soft to maintain a consistent block at the table and doesn't produce much spin like it does far from the table. For service return, this rubber can do some creative return options as well as smacking the ball when the opponent pushes it high enough (the P1 doesn't give lots of disruption when used) Compared to the description provided by Victas, the rubber is accurately described since the spin reversal is a unique feature, and the spin reversal that can be produced is larger compared to other long pimple rubbers. Personally, I agree with Victas' description, and I think this is a decent rubber for classic long distance choppers looking for heavy spin reversal that won't play a complex short game. 


Victas Curl P2

     These pimples are much shorter than the other Victas long pimples which creates a good short game. This rubber is not very good when chopping and playing far from the table due to its short and wide pimple structure. When playing closer to the table, this rubber can push very well, keeping the ball nice and low with support from the body (note: this rubber doesn't push underspin). This rubber is also great for chop blocking since it is a harder type of long pimples and it absorbs more power. The Victas Curl P2 can accumulate lots of backspin when chop blocking, but the timing needs to be a little later (upward trajectory after bounce) and the user needs to use the wrist to cut down (to make no-spin chop blocks with P2, don't use the wrist and keep the same timing while chopping down with the arm). For service return, this rubber can do almost anything from pushing/chop blocking to smacking and adding a disruptive effect (just putting this rubber behind the ball and dragging it forward gives a nice disruptive effect). Compared to the Victas description on the packaging, the rubber is perfectly described since the pimple structure is wider than the other Victas curl rubbers, and the description says it is very useful for the close table chop blocking and punching game, which is true! Personally, I agree with Victas' description of the rubber, and I think this rubber is not too unforgiving and perfect for a beginner who wants to start playing a chop blocking game.


Victas Curl P3a

     Very deceptive and spinny long pimple rubber, but very hard to use. This rubber is best when used to chop far from the table because of the dangerous amount of backspin that can be achieved when cutting down. The Victas Curl P3a is even more unforgiving than Victas curl p1 and p5 which are also hard to use when chopping, but all three of those long pimple rubbers are extremely rewarding when the chopping stroke is done correctly. To use Victas curl p3a most effectively, cut down using the forearm without any forward motion from the arm (the body's motion forward will be enough to put the ball on the table).  This rubber is also versatile because, of all long pimple rubbers I've seen and played with, the chops produced by Victas curl p3a are the hardest for the opponent to push. Pushing with the Victas Curl P3a is not very easy, but it is rewarding once the user pushes correctly. The P3a can push with underspin when the user has support from the body and pushes like a normal inverted rubber but with a little slicing wrist motion (doing this will make underspin even when the opponent pushes no-spin).Chop blocking with the Victas Curl P3a is not the strength of the rubber, but it is a decent variation since p3a can produce lots of backspin when correctly used (just cutting down with the arm and wrist right after the bounce, but when the opponent's shot is high, I recommend punching or slapping the ball since p3a is too soft for chop blocking). For service return, Victas curl p3a is a classic rubber which can create lots of short game variations (p3a can punch/smack if the ball is high enough, it can create a nice amount of disruption when the pimples are used to drag the ball or change the direction, and of course p3a can chop long serves!) The description of the rubber given by Victas is not very accurate since p3a is not made for safe and precise chops, but it is made for dangerous spin reversal which Victas says is one of the benefits. Personally, this is my favorite long pimple rubber which I use on my paddle. Victas curl p3a is a very unforgiving rubber which causes a mistake if the user doesn't cut down on the ball, but if the user chops correctly, heavy backspin can be created which can be dangerous to the opponent. Victas Curl P3a is a tough to use rubber with a high reward which is for more advanced chopping players who have played with long pimples before (Victas curl p3a is not a good long pimple rubber to start with as it is hard to use). 


Victas Curl P4 

     A softer long pimple rubber which is similar to the Victas Curl P1 (in terms of pimple structure: same pimple height and width). The Victas Curl P4 is very forgiving since it is soft, but it does not produce as much underspin as the other Victas long pimples. The Victas Curl P4 is best used for chopping far from the table since it can give a good amount of backspin with a larger error margin (because of the beginner friendliness of the Curl P4, opponents won't have a hard time pushing chops). Pushing with the Victas Curl P4 is very easy since it is a forgiving rubber, but underspin cannot be created when pushing (not much body support is required, but it is still good to have the foundations once the user is ready to move to a more advanced long pimple rubber). The Victas Curl P4 is one of the worst long pimple rubbers for chop blocking because it is so soft (this means it has no control and can't absorb power) and doesn't give a good amount of underspin. When returning serves, the Curl P4 can do the classic options: it can chop long serves, push (but not drop short since it is too soft), and it can smack and drag the ball with a lot of disruptive effect. In comparison to the description of the Curl P4 given by Victas, I think that Victas' description of the rubber is fairly accurate since it mentioned that the rubber is similar to the Curl P1 (which is true), and it mentioned that the Curl P4 is softer, but I don't agree with the statement that curl p4 would give opponents a hard time since the P4 isn't really a dangerous rubber. Personally, I think the Victas Curl P4 is the perfect rubber for a beginner or intermediate chopper who wants a classic chopping game because the P4 allows for mistakes that other long pimple rubbers wouldn't allow (I don't recommend this rubber for more advanced choppers since the spin reversal is rather low, but the P4 is more effective to be used as a starting long pimple rubber which the user should change after becoming more advanced). 


Victas Curl P5

     A very hard long pimple rubber which is an all around long pimple rubber. The Victas Curl P5 is moderately forgiving and has the same pimple structure as the Curl P1 and the Curl P4, but is much harder. Chopping is mediocre since the rubber is very hard which makes chopping much harder because the pimples need more energy to move and reverse the spin. This also causes the chops of the Curl P5 to be easy for the opponent to push. When pushing, the Victas Curl P5 is easy to control with the help of the body and gives nice and low no-spin pushes. When chop blocking, the Curl P5 is again mediocre because the sponge is hard, and the pimples are very long making it harder to control. Though the Curl P5 is great at producing an annoying disruptive effect when straight up blocking the opponents' shot like a normal rubber which makes for a helpful variation. When returning serves, I found that the P5 was great because it is built for the all around long pimple game. Chopping long serves, pushing, direction change strokes, and punches/drags are available and dangerous due to the large amount of disruption produced. Compared to Victas' description, I think the description is inaccurate in the sense that the chopping is not easy to control, but the description is accurate regarding the blocking with the pips since the P5 produces flat bounces which makes returning blocks created by the P5, much more difficult. Personally, I think Victas Curl P5 is the perfect rubber for the player who wants to be able to play all types of long pimple variations with one rubber that can achieve each variation no matter the player's skill level.