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JOOLA Rubbers and Blades Now in Stock

13 November 2014  | Posted in: News

We're excited to announce that now you can shop JOOLA rubbers and blades at

"Many of our customers kept asking for JOOLA equipment and we decided to get JOOLA in our stock."
Annes Org, marketing manager

To celebrate that, we will offer a 25% discount on all JOOLA rubbers for 1 week starting from this Friday (14th of Nov, 2014) exclusively for our newsletter subscribers. So make sure that you are signed up for our newsletter in order to receive an email with this discount. Subscribe here!




3 JOOLA rubbers that we would like to recommend:


joola maxxx-p rubber


The new generation rubbers are entering the market and JOOLA is hot off the press with their version of JOOLA Maxxx. With their new GeoGrip technology, the Maxxx-P is able to achieve more contact friction on the ball which helps generate a high level of spin and also a good arc on the ball. The level of sponge hardness is lower than in previous Maxxx rubbers which means it is able to allow a longer dwell time on the ball. Definitely one to try for control spin players who still like to make some stronger attacking strokes and are struggling to get the grip they need on the new ball with their current rubbers.




Rhyzm-P has a more porous sponge structure which allows for a more reactive support for the topsheet. Again with the new GeoGrip technology, the same high friction characteristics have been applied to Rhyzm-P. Combining these two features has produced a high quality and durable rubber to combat the new poly ball. The original Rhyzm series were developed for high level attacking players and these characteristics have been continued with Rhyzm-P, now optimized to continue on into the next era of the game.


JOOLA Samba Plus

JOOLA Samba Plus

Samba Plus is one of JOOLA's classic built-in speed glue effect rubbers and is designed for mid-range control and attack. With a highly soft sponge, Samba Plus is superb for touch play and spin generation with no loss of control. Great for blocking and close table countering as well as short play and spinny topspin strokes. While it is not as pacey as many new generation rubbers, it offers the perfect balance of spin and control to maintain dominance of the table with a more passive-aggressive style of play.



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