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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2017 for Table Tennis Fanatics

27 November 2017  | Posted in: Fun & Inspiration

Table Tennis Christmas Giftts


1. Their Favorite Rubber

Tibhar Evolution MX-PTibhar Grass D.TecSIt's that time time of the year to spread some Christmas cheer. What better way is there than getting the table tennis player in your life some fresh sheets of their favorite rubber? For the power players out there, Tibhar Evolution MX-P is sure to help them win the point, set, and match with panache. For the defenders who want to leave their opponents scrambling, there isn't much better than Tibhar Grass D.TecS.


 Nittaku Premium 40+ 3-star

2. Balls Made in Japan

Table tennis players need balls to play their best game. This Christmas, make sure to get the balls in Santa's sack, the Nittaku Premium 40+ 3-star balls are among the best in the business. The official ball of the Liebherr 2017 World Table Tennis Championships and TT11 approved!


3. Table Tennis Towels

Tibhar Towel Arrows

Don't forget to bring a towel! While the wet snow is falling outside, Tibhar's arrow towels will keep you high and dry indoors. Don't sweat it, our towels have got you covered!


Yasaka Racket Mark V Carbon

4. A Classic Premade Racket

Introduce a friend to the sport with a classic premade racket. The Yasaka Mark V Carbon Racket is an excellent way to do just that. Combining quality, convenience, and affordability; give the gift of fun this holiday season.


Xiom Louis Men5. Socks

Don't stink up the club with old smelly socks! Xiom's Louis socks are designed for sports and comfort. Pick up a pair. If not for you, do it for everyone else!


6. Top Quality Table Tennis Shoes

 Mizuno Wave Medal ZIn table tennis, power comes from your legs and core. The right pair of shoes are critical to play at your best. For a top quality game, get top quality shoes. Take off your snow boots and put on a pair of the Mizuno Wave Medal Z Special Edition shoes to do just that!


Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon7. A Professional Blade

Santa Claus and Dimitrij Ovtcharov. What do they have in common? They're both from Europe, they're both an inspiration to future generations, but most importantly they are legendary! Get the Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon and with enough practice, maybe one day YOU can play like living legend Dimitrij Ovtcharov!


Donic Lion

8. Table Tennis Clothing

The weather outside is frightful but our clothes are so delightful! Make sure to stay warm outside but inside, keep cool and dry with the Donic Lion T-shirt. Check out our shirts and shorts for even more table tennis gift ideas.


Vinqui Victory Pendant9. Table Tennis Jewlery

Don't just decorate your home this holiday season, decorate yourself! With Vinqui's victory pendant, hit the hall with style and flair. This is a great and unique gift for those passionate about the sport of table tennis. is here to help you out of the storm of holiday shopping. Our Christmas gift ideas are a great start but be sure to check out our store for much, much more.

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We've covered the tip of the iceberg to get you started and help save you time. Time to be spent with friends, family, loved ones, and of course playing table tennis. So from our family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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