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Tibhar Force Pro Special Edition Comparison

26 December 2018  | Posted in: Table Tennis Reviews

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George Latterman

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To find not only a good blade but a blade that suits your playstyle is often a rarity. The Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro Black Edition has been among our bestsellers for a reason. The characteristics of this blade are suitable for any offensive player. From the controlled OFF- looper to the OFF+ power driver, this blade is a safe and comfortable choice. The reason being is that this blade is extremely well balanced. It offers nice and crisp sensations without losing too much dwell time and trajectory. It offers excellent looping ability without compromising power on drives. More details about this blade can be read in Patrick's review of it (linked at the bottom of this review), but the point is that this blade can perform all offensive strokes at a professional level.



Both BladesThat being said, one of the more prominent features of this blade is its handle. For a decent amount of adult male players, the amount of blades with large enough handles are few and far between, so the large handle of this blade is very welcome for them. However, also for many others, myself included, the thick and bulky handle that the Black Edition features is actually too large. As a man with shorter fingers, the Black Edition is certainly able to be held and played with, but it just doesn't let me get the feeling and grip that I want and have had with previous blades.


As a result, TableTennis11 has teamed up with Tibhar to produce a version of this blade available exclusively at TableTennis11: The Tibhar Force Pro Special Edition. The basic and short idea is this is the same blade as the Black Edition but with a thinner and more contoured handle. Though, nothing is that simple so let's look at it in a little more detail.


Special Edition Handle

The Tibhar Force Pro Special Edition is dare I say, even more balanced than the Black Edition. Sure, the size and shape of the handle has an immediately different feel in your hand but it also impacts the way the blade plays. The Special Edition is lighter and also feels a bit slower overall. It's speed I'd say is shifted down half a notch. I'd even claim that this blade is able to be used by allround players that are ALL+ leaning on OFF-. I also get a little more feedback and feeling in my hand. The thicker handle of the Black Edition absorbs the shock a bit more. Also, ironically, the Special Edition has black dyed inner layers while the Black Edition has red dyed inner layers.


Ultimately, both of these are extremely similar for obvious reasons... they're the same blade with a different handle. Though, it would be a lie to say they are identical. I personally find the Special Edition perfect for my finger structure and also appreciate the even better balance it offers.


I implore you to check out Patrick's wonderful comments on the Black Edition linked below. Finally, take a look at this gallery of high quality pictures comparing both the Special and Black Editions!



Patrick's review of the Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro Black Edition!