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Ferenc Karsai Video Interview Part 4: Advice to Recreational Table Tennis Players for Improving Their Game

07 September 2017  | Posted in: Table Tennis Tips, Fun & Inspiration

Ferenc Karsai, one of Europe's top table tennis coaches, reveals his top advice to amateur table tennis players.

Who is Ferenc Karsai?

Karsai is one of Europe's most famous table tennis coaches. He was the head coach of Austrian Men’s National Team from 1995 to 2013 working with Karl Jindrak, Robert Gardos, Chen Weixing, Werner Schlager, Daniel Habesohn, and others. Coach of World Team against China in 2004, and was elected to be the best trainer of all sports in Austria in 2003.

Although officially retired after leaving the Austrian National Team, he remains active and has been seen coaching Canadian and Belgium players at World Championships and other important international competitions.

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Transcript of the Interview:

Ferenc Karsai: This depend. They want better results, or they want better table tennis movement, because some of them want results, better level results. After they take long pimple, and they play like this and this, and after, they can win faster, earlier. If you want really enjoy the table tennis, moving, sweating and everything, moving, go to table, topspin, moving, moving, moving, and after good time in the hall, after you are, for your health, moving enough, this need longer time. After you have to play with normal rubbers, the table tennis correct movement. But, if you want faster results, after coming with chop, with long pimple and everything. I know you are chopper, but you moving also enough... I remember of your play, you don't play at table and make like this, you make good...

The Interviewer: Classical defense.

Ferenc Karsai: Classical defense. This is okay. This is very good. Some amateur people took that from Neubauer, some rubbers ... I don't know.

The Interviewer: Made this chop block on the table.

Ferenc Karsai: Roulette or ... Many, many, many, many names. I don't know their names now. You have many. They played like this or anti or Gorilla, they play this anti topspin or Gorilla, they have a Buffalo or something like this, always disturb ...

The Interviewer: Disturb the game. They're disturbing.

Ferenc Karsai: Yes. Now, this is another, like for your health, to play table tennis and enjoy the table tennis.

The Interviewer: You are voting for “honest” table tennis, without using special equipment.

Ferenc Karsai: Yes. This is better for everybody, and after they enjoy the table tennis. But many players finish the table tennis, because came these people, push the ball, and after, before, with the TSP Curl, also with preparation, you push like this after, there's no chance to continue the ball, or this Neubauer, it was unbelievable. There was no chance to continue, one time, topspin, and he make like this after the ball go down like so. Now, with this new ... from Neubauer, need many practice. A lot of practice. The anti topspin, one or two players playing in the world, from Austria, this Amelie Solja, she plays like Buffalo, I think, or something like this. Buffalo. She practice a lot, and after the topspin coming, she need special technique to push the ball, but it's not enough. This is a little bit ... another. This is very good in table tennis, because you can have chopper with pimple, you can have short pimple, variation. You can have long pimple. You can stay with short pimple, attack to play. Everything. The table tennis is one of the most, I think, the most beautiful sport in the world, I think. So many variations, so many to be clever, to very fast, feeling, everything what you need.