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Get on the Attack with the Donic Acuda Series!

13 January 2015  | Posted in: Table Tennis Equipment, Table Tennis Reviews

180 players have already taken the chance and purchased the highly rated Acuda rubbers with a 30% discount
So what is it about the Acuda series that's making everyone excited? Read our expert Matt's comments and other players' reviews to get the answers! 

The Donic Acuda Series has been one of the German brand's most popular releases. The series is renowned for its high quality characteristics for producing spin and speed. These rubbers are all terrific tensor style offensive rubbers.


donic acuda s1

Donic Acuda S1 and S1 Turbo

The Acuda S1 is a speed-focused rubber with increased sponge firmness for producing a strong level of power in attacking strokes both close to and far from the table. It is also the backhand rubber of choice for the legendary Swedish player Jan-Ove Waldner (proof). This rubber also has a turbo version for top level attacking players who require maximum acceleration and attacking qualities. Acuda S1 and S1 Turbo are perfect forehand rubbers for power looping players as well as great backhand rubbers for those who favor backhand looping as the pivotal part of their game style.


donic acuda s1 turboOur customer Sebastian Aguirre about Acuda S1:
"This is a great rubber, no question about it. It's lacking only in the spin department, especially when trying to make those deadly loops close to the table like you do with Chinese rubbers h3 style. Due to this, I didn't like it much as a fh rubber. I do like it a lot as a bh rubber. I would place it at the top of the chain as a bh rubber, right there with Tenergy or any tensor you could think of."

Our customer Jan Bogdan about Acuda S1:
"Fast with great spin and very durable."

Our customer Philip Lu about Acuda S1 Turbo:
"Good match to Xiom Hayabusa ZX blade. Good speed and spin for forehand, control is also above average."

donic acuda s2

Donic Acuda S2

Donic Acuda S2 has a slightly more forgiving sponge than the S1. This quality allows the ball to sink in more and brings marginally more focus on spin production, whilst still maintaining the high level of speed and accuracy, which the Acuda series is so well known for. It is better suited for close table attackers but also has plenty of range to handle attacking play at medium and longer ranges. Perfect for the spin-based offensive player who combines spinny opening balls with precise and deadly follow-ups.

Diego Doná, our customer:
"This rubber is great for the FH player who wants to attack with speed and spin. Get the MAX sponge for even greater speed. Of course, you will lose contol a little, but it's just a matter of adaptation."

Milos Svircev, our customer: 
"I started using a red Acuda S2 2 mm as a FH rubber in mid-April 2013, and it lasted until the end of February 2014. I'm a recreational player (but fairly motivated) and I play 6-7 hours per week, which means that the rubber lasted for approx. 300 hours of playing. It's still grippy, but I've noticed that the grip of the surface decreases towards the middle of the rubber. As for its characteristics, it's a tension rubber and therefore perfect for topspin game and for serving, and also for blocking. Serve receive and chopping require some time to adjust (and receive is generally my Achilles' heel, so it's quite possible that I'd have same problem with any other tension rubber), but after a while it becomes a breeze. I really love Acuda S2. It's cheap (I bought it here when it was on sale and cost only 25 euros) and durable. I think I will keep using it (I bought and glued a new one a few days ago) as my FH rubber for next few years."

User review at
"Amazing rubber. It has it all - speed, incredible spin and it's amazing for loop to loop rallies from mid-distance."

donic acuda s3

Donic Acuda S3

Acuda S3 is the soft variation of the series and it's widely endorsed as a superb backhand rubber. With great touch and increased ball contact, the rubber exercises fantastic feeling and control whilst still upholding the high standard of offensive characteristics across the series of rubbers. Great for blocking and close table play, but still able to achieve a superb range of offensive strokes.

Attila, our customer:
"Excellent control & spin, but a little soft for me." 

Roman K, our customer:
"A very good rubber for beginners. It has enough control and speed. I love it."

Review in by the user thaidog:
"The sponge has large pores and is soft. This yields a very controllable setup with good shortgame touch and a lot of midrange spin."  


To sum up

Across this series, there is a rubber for every player from the high speed of Acuda S1 and S1 Turbo to the heavy spin attacking of Acuda S2 and finally the high control and spin feel of the Acuda S3. This is a fine collection of rubbers from Donic at an impressive price for such fantastic quality.

What is your experience with Acuda rubbers? Got any questions to our experts? Leave a comment! :)


donic acuda s1 s1turbo s2 s3 discounted 30%