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10 Best Selling Table Tennis Products in September 2015

12 October 2015  | Posted in: Table Tennis Equipment

What products have the table tennis fanatics from 81 different countries purchased from in September 2015? Here are the TOP 10 best selling table tennis products of last month with reviews from our amazing customers.

best seller september 2015


10. DHS Hurricane 8 Mid-Hard DHS Hurricane 8 Mid-Hard

Our customer Tom Z says:

"I like the same feeling as hurricane 3 neo (I used it for years), and with a better sponge. This is the rubber which I am looking for in 40+ plastic era."



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9. Xiom Vega Pro Xiom Vega Pro

Our customer Sonny John Abraham says:

"Long lasting rubber. Perfect replacement for the Butterfly range."




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8. DHS Hurricane 3 Neo DHS Hurricane 3 Neo

Our customer Wenbin Ji says:

"It is a hard rubber but not difficult to control. The speed and power is great. High throw angle makes it quite easy for looping. The tackiness is not as good as all other H3 products but still enough. Highly recommended!"



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7. Tibhar Evolution MX-S Tibhar Evolution MX-S

Our customer Christian Marcel Paredes Monsalvez says:

"It is a very good rubber, excellent spin and control, great catapult effect. I am very pleased with their performance. Very similar to T05."




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6. Yasaka Mark V Yasaka Mark V

The classic rubber!

Our customer Pedro Einloft says:

"A rubber for beginners nowadays. With 2mm sponge or thicker can be quite good for looping and put a good amount of spin on the ball while providing nice control. The price is fair for its quality but I think the famous status of the rubber adds a bit to its price. Still totally worth it if you are a beginner / intermediate player."



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5. Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft

The most popular rubber at in 2014!

Our customer Richard Lester says:

"I use 1.8 on the backhand for good control and spin. Tried it on the forehand and wow, nice kick off the table when hitting topspin drives. Liked it even better on the forehand. I'd have to say for an intermediate player, this rubber gives you great all around control and spin. If paired with a fast blade, you will also have plenty of speed."



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4. Tibhar Evolution EL-P Tibhar Evolution EL-P

Our customer KK says:

"This is definitely a rubber to consider if you don't want to pay for Tenergy on both sides!"



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3. Nittaku Premium 40+ 3*** ITTF 3pcs (seam) Nittaku Premium 40+ 3*** ITTF 3pcs (seam)

Our customer Helcio Pinguelli says:

"Nittaku Premium 40+ is the best table tennis plastic ball that I have played with."



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2. Xushaofa Sports 3***  (seamless) 6pcs Xushaofa Sports 3*** (seamless) 6pcs

Our customer Jerry Leslie says:

"Have yet to break the first ball, and the ball plays great. Will only buy these in the future!"



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1. Tibhar Evolution MX-P Tibhar Evolution MX-P

Our customer Mataya Seto says:

"MX-P is a killer rubber! I would say that it is not just an alternative to Tenergy rubbers but it is probably better. For those who have yet to try, you should!"



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Thanks everyone for your purchases! Have a great season of table tennis!