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Outplay Your Opponents with Outstanding Control

29 April 2015  | Posted in: Table Tennis Equipment, Table Tennis Tips

Outplay Opponents With Outstanding Control

Control and the blocking and countering game are often downplayed in the modern era of the game. As players develop to execute strong loop attacks on both wings, the role of a well placed block and the 'keep the ball in play' tactic seems to have been all but forgotten. This is of course untrue, the place of the block and of a balance of control in table tennis will always have its place. Here we will look at the best control rubbers for developing accurate and consistent blocking and counter-driving strokes.

Soft Rubbers with Outstanding Control

Donic Acuda S3Soft rubbers have always had a great reputation for being able to control the ball. The softer sponge allows the ball to sink in and provides the perfect characteristics for absorbing powerful ball speeds and also allowing control of difficult spin by holding the ball as it sinks into the rubber (dwell time). Donic Acuda S3 is a prime example of a great blocking rubber, this is because it combines a soft sponge with a tensor effect in the topsheet. This means that not only does it have superb blocking capabilities, but it is also able to produce a lot of offensive variation. The Acuda S3 can be used for strong blocking and also attacking strokes, it has a high level of accuracy which allows for superb placement, matched with consistency and strong elements of speed and spin.

Modern Generation Control Rubbers

Stiga Airoc SDonic Bluefire JP 03There are more modern generation rubbers also like the Donic Bluefire JP03 which execute strong levels of control with brilliant touch and feeling capabilities. Even more fresh on the scene is the Stiga Airoc S which has soft sponge enriched with the signature oxygen capsule system which creates a less dense sponge with a high concentration of enlarged air pockets. This creates even more dwell time and greatly increases the ability to control and spin the ball.

Yasaka Mark V – The Classic Control Rubber

Yasaka Mark VIn terms of outstanding control, one rubber has always been a classic allround for beginner and intermediate players through to advanced players. The Yasaka Mark V has a number of different variants now, the HPS Soft and AD editions both have medium-soft sponges and exhibit high control ratios. The Mark V has always been a great rubber for balance, beyond all else. It provides a high level of control with a reasonable level of speed and spin for players who are either learning to develop new strokes, or who prefer the excellent control level which allows the perfect allround game or controlled attack or defence. Yasaka Mark V has a variant for every occasion.

More often than not it is the softer sponged rubbers which offer the greatest touch and control, especially for blocking. This is not to say that good control cannot be achieved with firm sponges, but these rubbers usually forfeit some level of control for their greater ability to produce speed and power. So whether you are an attacker, defender or allround player, if you seek more control then we have the equipment you need to remain dominant over the table!