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The First Estonian Open

13 September 2019  | Posted in: News


    This November, we here at Tabletennis11, alongside Tibhar and DHS, will be proud sponsors of the first annual Tabletennis11 Estonian Open ITTF Ranking tournament. It is officially recognized by the ITTF and the ETTU and has ranking status. The total prize money will be 8000 euro. The event will be taking place at Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn, Estonia, from the 28th of November through the 1st of December, 2019. The love of table tennis is the foundation of our company and we want to encourage the growth of the sport in our home country. We really support the Estonian Table Tennis Association, so we are so thrilled to be starting an international event in partnership with them and working to bring more such events to Estonia.  

     We are proud to invite you to our country. Despite its small size, Estonia is quite advanced. It’s capital, Tallinn, is a place where medieval history, in stone houses, meets modern advancements, in glass buildings, and to where we are so pleased to invite you to participate in the first Estonian Open or even just to spectate and sightsee (we will be offering tours). In all, there are around 768 registered TT players and 41 TT clubs in Estonia, plus many more unregistered players and many more fans. These numbers might seem small, but when you take into account that Estonia has a population of only 1.3 million, it is actually a considerable amount, and the numbers are growing. Tallinn University of Technology, or TalTech, is Estonia’s most innovative university. TalTech is especially known for its innovation in the field of digital technologies and engineering. We are honored to be working with them and the Estonian Table Tennis Association to make this tournament happen. 


We will be holding the tournament in TalTech’s sports hall, which seats around 400 people. 8 San-Ei/Tibhar Table SP Allstar ITTF tables will be set up for warming up and DHS D40+ 3*** ITTF 10 balls will be used throughout the tournament. There will be a players’ lounge for relaxing, equipped with music and bag chairs. For all the fans that won’t be able to make there, we will have several TV tables set up for lives streams, so no one will be left out of this momentous occasion. The lighting will be 800 lux, so visibility will be great for players and spectators alike. All participants will be offered transportation between their hotels and the sports hall, as well as meals in the hall itself, and of course, we want to take care of our players, so drinking water will be free for all participants.  

     The tournament will consist of team and singles events for cadets (boys and girls), juniors (boys and girls), and men and women. Team events will be played according to the best of 3 (knock-out) system. A team will have of 2-3 players. The order of play will be, first match, A-X, second match, B-Y, and (if necessary) doubles. The cadets’ singles events and juniors’ singles events will be played in groups of 3-4 players. Players that finish first or second in their group will qualify for the final event, the knock-out rounds. The men’s and women’s singles will be played using the progressive knock-out system to determine the final position of each player. This guarantees approximately six singles matches for each player, matches being best of 5 games. The maximum number of players in the men`s singles is 96 players and in the women`s singles is 64 players. The organizers can limit the number of entries from any given association if necessary. 

     The final entry deadline is November 12th, 2019, so hurry and sign up already! See you there!